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Set-Up Wi-Fi

Set-Up WiFire Remote Network

With the WiFire Remote in 'Listening Mode', the Status Indicator LED will be flashing blue and the WiFire Remote will be broadcasting the name of its network. The WiFire Remotes network will be called 'Photon' or 'WiFire', followed by 4 random characters.

Leave this page open while you access (or return to) the network selection area of your computer, iPhone or Android. Choose the ‘Photon’ network, and return to this page.

Once you are connected to the WiFire Remote 'Photon' network, select the 'Show Available Wi-Fi Networks'. (DO NOT SELECT the 'Show Available Wi-Fi Networks' link prior to being connected to the Photon network).

Show Available Wi-Fi Networks

(Please refer to 'Step 1 Connect WiFire Remote to the Internet' on the installation page for complete instructions)

Important: Once you have selected 'Show Available Wi-Fi Networks' and completed the steps, remember to reconnect your computer, iPhone or Android to its original network.

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