WiFire Remote

Becoming Familiar with the WiFire Remote

Your WiFire Remote will come complete with the following:

Power Adapter

36", 110 VAC to 5 VDC power supply. If more length is required, a simple household extension cord may be used.

Room Air Temperature Sensor

Room temperature is reported to the WiFire Remote by the Temperature Sensor. The WiFire Remote then uses this information to decide when to turn the appliance on and off in order to maintain the desired temperature of the room. The Sensor should be located in a spot that reliably indicates the temperature of the room without being influenced or "tricked" by direct sunlight, by the flames in the fireplace, or by a cold-drafty window.

The WiFire Remote comes with a standard gauge 1 meter sensor lead (3.28'). Longer sensor leads are also available; a standard gauge, 3 meter long lead (9.84'), and a 10 meter long lead (32.8') that is a much thinner (26 Gauge) 2 conductor lead that is ideal for tucking into a carpet seam or routing in grout lines during new construction or when possible.

Wi-Fi Antenna

The external Wi-Fi Antenna ensures optimum communication with your local area network. It is best located in the front of the fireplace cavity and comes with an adhesive back if you prefer to affix it to a flat surface.

Dry Contact Lead Wire

Approximately 18" of 2 conductor lead wire will also be supplied with your WiFire Remote. As described in the instructions, you may choose to disconnect the lead wire from the existing fireplace control (wall switch, thermostat or remote) and reconnect such wire to your new control – the WiFire Remote. This lead wire is being supplied in case you wish to disconnect the existing control from the valve all together and attach the WiFire Remote to the valve with a fresh connection.

WiFire Remote Features:

Dry Contact Terminals

The two set screws on the upper left side of the WiFire Remote face are used to open the Dry Contact Terminals. These two set screws will be loosened completely to open the Dry Contact Connection Ports when attaching the Dry Contact Lead Wire to the WiFire Remote.

Dry Contact Connection Ports

The Dry Contact Connection Ports provide access where the dry contact lead wires will be inserted. One end of the dry contact lead wire will be attached to the WiFire Remote by inserting one of the two conductors into one of the two Dry Contact Connection Ports and retightening the corresponding set screw. Repeat; place the second conductor in the second Dry Contact Connection Port and re-tighten the corresponding set screw. (The dry contact conductor wires are interchangeable, therefore, it does not matter which conductor wire is inserted into which Dry Contact Connection Port.)

Mode Switch

When the WiFire Remote's Mode Switch is in the 'Off' position, the burner on your fireplace will remain off.

When the Mode Switch is in the 'On' position, the burner on your fireplace should ignite and will remain on until a different mode is chosen. This allows the fireplace to be controlled manually in the fireplace location if desired.

With the Mode Switch in the 'Internet' position, the fireplace can be controlled through the router with the WiFire Remote user interface by accessing www.wifireremote.com from any browser with your mobile device, tablet, Android or computer. Once signed in, the fireplace(s) that you have set up to be controlled with WiFire Remote(s) will appear for selection, giving you the opportunity to set the desired room temperature for each.

Function Indicator LED's

The 'Power' Function LED will illuminate red when the WiFire Remote has adequate power.

The 'Internet' Function LED will illuminate blue when the WiFire Remote is connected the WiFire Remote Cloud and is fully functional.

The 'Call For Heat' Function LED will illuminate yellow when the user has set the desired room temperature higher than is currently being detected, requesting a 'Call For Heat'.

Status Window

Tech Support Button - The Tech Support Button will not be used by the user unless instructed to do so by the WiFire Remote Help Desk.

Status Indicator LED - The Status Indicator LED indicates when the WiFire Remote is in 'Listening Mode' or 'Breathing Mode'.

  • When in Listening Mode, the Status Indicator LED will be flashing blue, indicating that it is broadcasting its network name so that the computer being used to provide the WiFire Remote with internet access can find it during the installation phase.
  • When in Breathing Mode, the Status Indicator LED will turn a blue/green color that slowly pulsates or 'breathes', indicating that the WiFire Remote is successfully communicating with the WiFire Remote Cloud utilizing the local router.

Press and Hold Button - The Press and Hold Button will only be used when the WiFIre Remote does not automatically power-up in Listening Mode (as instructed in Step 1 of the installation instructions) or if needed by the WiFire Remote Help Desk.