WiFire Remote

Product Information

WiFire Remote

The WiFire Remote is a web based universal dry contact millivolt/low-volt DC remote control. The WiFire Remote will allow millivolt-controlled appliances, such as gas fireplaces and gas stoves, to be operated with a computer or smart device that has an internet or cell connection.

Gas fireplaces and stoves are generally standing pilot millivolt/low-volt DC appliances that are typically controlled by either a rocker switch, a thermostat which requires a 20' to 30' low voltage wire to be connected directly to the fireplace, or a coffee table remote control, which limits control to less than 50 feet. The WiFire Remote is a temperature sensing switch that eliminates these boundaries allowing the user to monitor and control their fireplace and its features (depending on the WiFire Remote model and fireplace features) from anywhere an internet or cell phone connection is available.

The ability to control a gas fireplace or heating appliance from literally anywhere requires that it have the ability to communicate with your smart device or computer utilizing an internet connection. The WiFire Remote will be wired to your gas fireplace or heating appliance in order to provide this means of communication.

During the WiFire Remote 'Installation' process, the WiFire Remote will establish a connection with the Wi-Fi Router in your home (appliance location) providing access to the internet, and in turn, to the WiFire Cloud. Once this connection is properly established and the remainder of the installation process is complete the user will be able to access his fireplace controls from any internet connected smart device or computer. (Please see Installation Page for complete installation instructions)

WiFire Remote Features

  • WiFire Remote provides the ability to monitor and control gas fireplaces with any smartphone, tablet or computer that has access to the internet.
  • WiFire Remote is a temperature sensing fireplace control that allows you to set and maintain desired room temperatures.
  • Fireplaces controls are accessible from any popular browser.
  • WiFire Remote accounts are password protected.
  • Multiple fireplaces can be set up to be monitored and controlled from one convenient internet location providing convenience and flexibility for both residential and commercial applications.
  • Multiple users can be set up with control permissions.
  • WiFire Remote is a temperature sensing switch that should not be installed with any other control device(s) enabled (e.g. on/off rocker switch, thermostat, or remote control receiver). When installing the WiFire Remote into the fireplace, remove the batteries from any pre-existing remote control devices and store such devices to avoid inadvertent activation.

Safety Features

  • WiFire Remote is tested and listed to C22.2 NO. 3-M1988 (R2014) Standards.
    • UL 372 Equivalent
  • Conforms to EMC testing.
    • FCC Part 15:2010
    • ICES-003, Issue5, August 2012
  • Other safety features include:
    • Overtemp sensor causing device to shut down if threat of overheating
    • Primary User maintains other user permissions
    • Device is password protected

Safety Precautions

  • The existing appliance must be in safe operating condition before attempting to operate from a remote source.
  • Alpine Research recommends that the WiFire Remote be used exclusively on heating appliances.

Purchasing a WiFire Remote

The WiFire Remote can be purchased at:

When purchasing a WiFire Remote you will be asked to set up a User Name and Password at checkout.

  • Setting up a User Name & Password during the purchase process allows you to track your purchases, review your order history, simplify future orders and gives you the opportunity to stay informed of any future WiFire Remote improvements.
  • This User Name & Password chosen by the user in the purchase process is not the information that will ultimately be used to access your fireplace controls (unless, of course, the user choses to enter the same information during the installation process).

Installing The WiFire Remote

Once you have received your order, you will find complete installation instructions on our Installation Page. During the installation process you will be asked for the Primary User's email address and to choose a password. The information entered in this step will be your sign in information at www.wifireremote.com once you have completed the installation process, giving you access to your fireplace controls from any browser. It is not necessary for you to use the same information entered during the purchasing process.

We recommend you that you review each of the 3 installation steps before you begin to become acquainted with the process. If, for any reason, you would prefer the WiFire Remote be installed by a Hearth Professional, please contact your local Hearth Dealer.

Instructional Video

For a brief tutorial on using the WiFire Remote, please watch the 'How to Use Your WiFire Remote' video.