WiFire Remote

Installation Step 2

Step 2 - Registering Primary User’s First WiFire Remote

Becoming Familiar with the WiFire Remote

Figure 1: The WiFire Remote

Prior to ‘Registering the Primary User’s First WiFire Remote’ verify that Step 1, ‘Connect the WiFire Remote to the Internet’, has successfully been completed;

With power connected to your WiFire Remote, confirm the following lights are illuminated:
  • "Power" Function Indicator LED is illuminated red, indicating that WiFire Remote has power.
  • The "Internet" Function Indicator LED is illuminated blue, indicating that the WiFire Remote is connected to the WiFire Remote Cloud.
  • The Status Indicator LED in the WiFire Remote Status Window is a light blue/green color and is slowly pulsating, or breathing, indicating the WiFire Remote is connected to the user's router.
(If you are not seeing any of the above LED's illuminated as described, repeat Step 1 'Connect the WiFire Remote to the Internet')


The following steps will guide you through the registration process which will associate you, the Primary User, to your specific WiFire Remote.

From any browser, go to www.wifireremote.com

Figure 2: WiFire Remote Home Page

On the WiFire Remote home page, choose 'How It Works' and select 'Installation'. See Figure 2

Figure 3: Installation Page

On the Installation page, choose 'Register First WiFire Remote'. See Figure 3

Figure 4: Register First WiFire Remote Page

The 'Register First WiFire Remote' page identifies the Primary User with his or her email address, and associates that email address to a specific WiFire Remote.

Note: the email address entered here, and the password that you will create, do not need to be the same as the User Name and Password created at the WiFire Remotes’ point of purchase

Enter the email address of the Primary User.

Enter the unique 'WiFire Remote Barcode' (WiFire Remote’s Serial Number) and 'WiFire Remote Model#'. Both can be found on the bottom of your WiFire Remote.

Choose a ‘WiFire Remote Location’ that will distinguish which fireplace will be controlled by this particular WiFire Remote (i.e. Living Room, Master Bedroom etc.).

Choose ‘Next’ to continue.

A Confirmation Number will be emailed to the Primary User.

Figure 5: New User Email Confirmations

Retrieve the Confirmation Number that has been emailed to the Primary User.

Enter the Confirmation Number and choose ‘Next’ to continue.

Enter the required Primary User information.

Choose ‘Next’ to continue.

Figure 6: Register Primary User Page

The next page will request the Installer’s information.

If the installation is being performed by the end user, please complete the 'Installer Company' field with 'Homeowner' or 'Primary User'.

Choose Submit to continue.

An email will be generated and sent to the primary users email address. This email will contain a link; click on the link to complete the registration process and generate your password. This will be the password that you will use to access your www.wifireremote.com and control your appliance(s).

Congratulations! You have successfully registered the primary user’s first WiFire Remote and can now sign into your account by selecting 'Back to My Account'.

Figure 7: Password successfully generatede

There’s one thing left to do: Install the WiFire Remote in your fireplace, connecting it to the gas valve.

For complete instructions, choose 'How It Works' at the top of the www.wifireremote.com homepage and select 'Installation'. Follow the instructions for 'Step 3 – Install the WiFire Remote'.

Once this final step has been completed, additional WiFire Remotes, as well as additional users for each WiFire Remote, can be added by signing into your account at www.wifireremote.com, and selecting the installation link to find options for managing your WiFire Remote account.

For additional instructions on accessing your account and operating your WiFire Remote, please access the video tutorial located at www.wifireremote.com > How it Works > Video Tutorial.

For technical assistance contact Alpine Research: 800-494-3473 (800-4-WiFire).